Spin the Wheel Bingo Bonus

If you’re looking for a bonus that will really get your heart racing then you need to play on a bingo site with spin the wheel bonus promotions. These promotions are much more exciting than your average offer, find out why here.


What Is A Spin The Wheel Bonus?

When you deposit on a spin the wheel bingo site, you’ll get a bonus like no other. This exciting offer gives you a chance to spin a wheel to determine just how much you’ll get – so you’ll want to keep your fingers crossed.

By making a deposit, players are granted access to a bonus wheel. This is spun to find out what the bonus on your deposit will be. This means that if you’re lucky, the bonus will get bigger and better.

What Is The Spin The Wheel Bonus Offered On Lucky Touch?

The spin the wheel bonus here is fab and you’ll see it as soon as you pop onto the site. There are two reels to get spinning on this bonus offer, which means twice as much fun for you!

The first wheel will tell you the number of free games you’ll get, from 5 to 500. The second will tell you which game you’ll be playing them on. Just cross your fingers for your favourite games.

How is ours Unique?

The two parts of our bonus makes us one of the special spin the wheel bingo sites out there. Plus you can win free spins on us, not just bingo bonus funds as is the case with some other sites. You can win bingo tickets too, so there’s plenty of variety here.

What Are The Differences Between This Bonus And Other Deposit Bonuses?

There are many sites out there that offer different kind of bonuses but a bingo deposit bonus spin the wheel is something special. The big difference is that your bonus isn’t fixed, which means you could win more than you expect. This is something that our players love, as there’s a sense of anticipation when you spin that wheel.

Which Bonus Is Better For Players?

Spin the wheel bonuses definitely have to come top of the pack, especially for thrill seeking players. The thrill that comes with maxing out this bonus can’t be beaten and those free spins can certainly come in handy too. If you like great value for money then a spin the wheel bonus will be for you.

What Are The Wagering Requirements And Other T&C’s You Should Look Out For?

There are always terms to be aware of whenever you claim a bonus, here are the ones you should look out for with this type of bonus:

• Look into the minimum and maximum that you can win.

• Search for the minimum amount you can deposit to unlock the wheel.

• Your winnings from free spins and free tickets will be subject to wagering requirements.

• You may not be eligible to spin the wheel if you deposit too little.

If you need any further information on these terms then you can check them out in the promotions section.

What Slots Can you Play on?

Discerning slot game players might already recognise the slots from our spin the wheel bonus, these are:

Fluffy Favourites – This essential slot game is a feature of many sites, but it’s best to play it here with free spins. The cuddly animals that make up the game will allow you to win big jackpots, free spins and more! If you like this game then check out Fluffy Too, the follow up, with us too.

Shaman’s Dream – This dreamy slot game takes you on a spirit journey into the mountains to find your fortune. The mystical shaman will show you the way to success, with free spins and bonus features ready to unlock too. This game really looks fantastic, with majestic birds and animals decorating the reels.

Temple of Isis – This game is all about exploring ancient catacombs for your chance to plunder the treasure that lies beneath. The jewels that line this game are excellent and you’ll find your way into the free spins round in no time. It’s a massive player favourite and once you give it a spin, you’ll find out why.

How Else Can I Earn a Spin the Wheel Bonus?

We know that our spin the wheel bonus is likely to make any player jealous so that’s why we don’t just give it to our new players. As part of our loyalty scheme, players can retrigger this bonus by completing our special quests. We’re all about keeping things fun and we think this is the perfect way to do so!


Quests include wagering on slots and bingo, purchasing tickets to our jackpot games and collecting chat points. As you work towards these goals, you’ll see your barometer filling up and when it’s complete you’ll get a spin. These will be credited to your spins bank and allow you to retrigger the welcome offer and play all over again!


Now that you know all about our spin the wheel bonus, why not give it a go with us! Just make your first deposit of £10 or more and you’re ready to try your luck for real. Good luck spinning those reels and making the most of it.


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