75 Ball Bingo

When you play bingo games online, you’ll come up against a few different varieties. One of the more popular ones is 75 ball bingo, which can be found on almost every single bingo site out there. Here we’re giving you the run down on this game.



So the first section of these games to look at are their rules. 75 ball bingo rules aren’t complicated and it will take you no time at all to grasp them. These games just take a few seconds to start playing, just snap up your tickets and you’re ready to go.

All tickets must be purchased prior to the game beginning and there may be rules concerning how you may buy them and how many you can purchase. Once you have your cards, you just head into the room and watch as they are dabbed off while you play.


The cards are made of a 5 x 5 grid, with 25 random numbers assigned to your card. The pattern that you need to achieve is usually displayed somewhere in the room, otherwise it’s usually just a coverall.


What Are The Winning Patterns?

There are so many ways that you can win in a 75 ball room, though most commonly you will be asked to cover the entire grid. You may also be asked to cover a pattern, which can be different depending on the game. These can be just about anything, or just a random pattern that the bingo site has cooked up.


These 75 ball bingo patterns can make things a bit more interesting, as it’s never the exact same each time you play. They can be themed, allow you to spell out words or even have you scooping up cash on a special pattern.  



With so many variables going on in the equation of this game, there’s no one return to player or probability of you winning. Instead, this is an amalgamation of factors that results in the overall odds for the game. Most players that are experienced can spot the games with the best odds a mile off, as there are some factors you can look for, these include:



If you’re looking for hints and tips from an insider source then we have you sorted, here are our simple suggestions:


How To Buy Cards

Buying cards to a 75 ball game is just as easy as buying them to any other bingo game. Just choose how many you would like then pay the total fee displayed to add the tickets to your account. All sales must be completed before the game begins and many sites offer pre buy options, if you want to make sure you have as many tickets as you like.


Generally, there is a limit of 96 cards per player in these games but this can be more or less depending on the site. If it’s a special jackpot game then there may even be a limited amount of tickets on sale.


Why Play On Lucky Touch Bingo?

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Join in and play 75 ball bingo with us for great value for money and top notch jackpots. You’ll have a ball and if you have the lucky touch then you could be a big winner in a flash. 



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