90 Ball Bingo

Pop into our bingo lobby for some of the best 90 ball bingo games that you can find online. 90 ball bingo is the UK classic and it has been played in bingo halls for decades, now it’s come online. This is a staple version of the game, which you should

definitely be playing with us.



The rules of 90 ball bingo are easy to come to terms with, as the card basically shows you everything that you need to know. When you buy a ticket, you’ll see a rectangular card with some blank spaces and others filled with numbers. The goal in 90 ball bingo games is to complete the numbers on the card by dabbing off the ones that are called.


There are loads of different types of jackpot 90 ball bingo games; like guaranteed, sliding and progressive. Just check out the information of the game to learn everything you need to know about it. These will also let you in on any other rules specific to the game, like if they must be played with real cash or are only free to certain players.


What Are The Winning Patterns?

These prizes are usually split into three, one for the player with all of their numbers, one for players with two lines full and one for players with just one line. The latter two are usually shared prizes for all players that were close to winning. The full house prize may also be shared if two players get bingo on the same call.



There are no fixed odds while playing 90 ball bingo, as every game is slightly different. A rough way to work out if you have good odds of winning is to check the number of players in the room and the number of tickets that you have. If you’re in control of a decent proportion of the tickets then you have a better chance of winning.



To win big on one of these games, the following tips can help get you to bingo glory:


         •        If you don’t want to spend a lot of money then check out penny versions of the game. That way, you can buy the maximum amount of tickets for under £1.

         •        Indulge in some chat games while you play for the chance to win some freebies and bonuses.

         •        Look for the more popular rooms on a site, although they are busier there’s usually a good reason why this may be.


How to Buy Cards?

Unless you’re playing in a 90 ball bingo free game then you’ll need to purchase yourself some bingo cards. We like to make things easy for our players, so you just need to pop into the room you see yourself playing in and snap up those cards. The buy option is right at the top of the screen and this is how you select your tickets.

Once you’re happy with the selection, it’s time to play the game!


Why Play on Lucky Touch Bingo?

If you fancy getting your hands on a freebie then just take advantage of our welcome offer. This could see you with up to 500 free spins! If you’re a bingo then you can take advantage of our free bingo room, that is open daily!


90 ball bingo is always popular and if you haven’t played this game yet then you’re missing out. What are you waiting for, make your way over to our lobby and join in with all of the prize grabbing games. 



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