Bingo Fun and Games

If you can’t get enough of playing and reading about bingo then we have just the bingo activities for you! These perfect pastimes will have you enjoying bingo with family, friends and on every occasion. Check out our articles:

Making Bingo Cards

Ever wanted to make your own bingo cards for a party or gathering? This article will tell you how to design, create and print your cards. This can seem like a daunting process but it’s actually really easy once you know how.

Playing Bingo as a Family

This article offers three separate bingo types for your family; getting to know you bingo for a reunion, chore bingo for your kids and travel bingo for the next road trip. These are brilliant for just about any situation.

Baby Shower Bingo

If you’re planning a baby shower for yourself or for a friend then these bingo based activities will keep your guests happy. We’ll teach you about the different games you can play, what your guests will enjoy and even the prizes you can purchase.

Presents for Bingo Players

Those that have no idea what to buy their bingo playing friend can read this article. We’ve got some ideas that any player would love to receive, from personalised gifts to funny t-shirts.

Other Bingo Activity Ideas

That’s not all! We’ll also tell you all about educational bingo games that you can play with the kids, games for fundraisers and lots of other fun twists on the game. Check back with us often for the latest articles and fun. We hope you enjoy all of our fun ideas, activities and instructions!