Bingo Lucky Charms

When it comes to playing bingo, a lot of the outcome depends entirely on how lucky you are. Many bingo players resort to using lucky charms as their own added augmentation to their luck. Do these actually work or are they all just superstition?

Common Bingo Lucky Charms

Bingo players will do almost anything to bring themselves a bit of extra luck, so they love their lucky charms. Here are some common bingo good luck charms that we’ve heard of:

These items are very often seen around wherever players get their bingo fix, whether that’s in a club or at their computer. They can be even more common for online bingo players, as you don’t need to worry about anyone else seeing them! These items commonly decorate the bingo player’s surroundings. Some people like to wear their charms and others just keep them around the space they play in. Some bingo players have desks overflowing with charms, as they like to keep them near their computer. While we can’t say for sure if these help, the concept of some of them being used for luck has been around for centuries. If you believe in the luck of a four leafed clover then maybe it will help you on the way to a jackpot prize, who knows?

Other Ways to Feel Lucky

Many players don’t have a specific item that they use for luck, but more abstract bingo superstitions instead. These can include:

As you can see, lucky charms are as diverse as the people that use them! They’re odd, wacky and depending on who you ask, they might just work.


We’ve seen so many different lucky charms, they really don’t surprise us anymore. They come in all shapes and sizes, the only thing that really matters is whether the player actually believes in them. We always turn to the old reliable method of crossing our fingers when we play.