Bingo Roomies: Which one are YOU?

When you play online, you will most likely notice other roomies that have some stereotypical features. In this listicle, we’re going to look into the most common roomies, which one will you be?

The Breakdown

Let’s kick things off and get right down to the who’s who of roomies:

“The Old Hand”

This is the kind of player that has been around for a long time. They know exactly what they’re doing, where they like to play and how to make the most of a site. This player is definitely a bingo pro, they may have even been playing bingo for far longer than they’ve been online. This is a good player to know if you want some insider information and handy tips. They’ll often be well known on a site for popping into the room, basically everyone will know them.

“The Newbie”

Not always confined to the newbie room, this kind of player is ever curious. They may be super enthusiastic about meeting other players and have a few conversations with the chat host for a bit of help. These bingo players need all the help they can get, so don’t be afraid to chat with them. Newbies don’t stay newbies forever and soon they will probably graduate into another one of the players listed here.

“The Bingo Socialite”

We all know this chatty Cathy! The bingo socialite is the one that wants to talk to absolutely everyone. They usually give the chat host a run for their money when it comes to kicking off the conversations. They’ll talk about soaps, the weather, their family and just about everything else. You’ll mostly find them in a hosted room, as this is where the chat takes place! Usually this kind of player has a heart of gold however, and most people enjoy a bit of chat. If you’re friendly with a brand on social media then you may also see this player checking in here too. Not every player gets on with this kind of roomie though, as some people like to play alone.

“The Know it All”

As much as we all need a helping hand at times, there’s one type of player that can turn into a pain and that’s the know it all. This player will tell you what to do, where to play and how many tickets to buy – even if you didn’t ask them! They’re often the bane of the chat host, as they want to keep everyone happy without these kinds of players butting in. Sometimes their advice isn’t the best, so make sure you take them with a pinch of salt!

“The Lone Wolf”

Pretty much the opposite of the socialite, the lone wolf is there to play alone. They don’t want to chat to other players, they’re just there for the jackpots. Most bingo players are pretty social but there are some that just prefer to do their own thing. There’s nothing wrong with being this type of player, you’re just there to get the jackpot. You could always try chatting to other players for a change and you might just turn into a socialite!

“The Cheerleader”

The cheerleader has to be one of our favourite sorts of players, as they’re just so encouraging to others. They’re the ones that congratulate all the winners and wish us all luck before the game begins, they’re generally just good sports all round. Often, these are the players that get the most congratulatory messages when they win, as roomies are so accustomed to their good cheer. There we have it, which category did you fall under? We’ve got every single type of player here at Lucky Touch Bingo and you’re all our faves!