Everything You Need to Know About Slot Payouts

If you want to play games online, then you’ll want to make sure you really understand how they work. These games work on certain systems, by knowing more about them, you can hope to win even more from them.

What is RTP?

This is a term that you’ll see banded about on most sites that talk about how to win on slot games. This stands for Return to Player, which is the theoretical return that you will get on your wager. This is determined by an average that the game pays out over 100 games with the same wager. The best RTP slots are ones that have an RTP in the high 90s, the closer to 100 you get the better the slot will be for your wallet. When you play games with progressive jackpots or additional features, the RTP may be a bit lower.

Where can you find the RTP?

If you want to check the RTP of a game, it’s usually pretty easy. Just check the paytable of the slot game or the information section and it will be in there. This will inform you of the RTP, as well as some other handy information you may want to look into.

There are also some other statistics out there and terms that you may not be familiar with. Here’s a speedy rundown:

Are there any Slot Games that Guarantee a Profit?

Simply put, the answer to this question is no. Even if you pick the best online slots to win money on with high RTPs, you won’t be automatically guaranteed to win. If you were, then we’re sure that everyone would be playing on these games!

Top Slots for Winning Big

If you’re looking for slot games that are great for winning big on, then we can suggest the following ones on our site:

Jewel Journey 

If you love exploration and adventure then you’ll love this game. It’s an archaeological themed slot, with jewels and explorers covering the available spaces on the reels. Match up symbols for massive jackpots in this game.

Shaman’s Dream 

We can’t get enough of the Native American theme that this game boasts, as it really adds a lot to the game. There are feathers, Shamans, animals and more on these reels for you to match up. It’s a fantastic slot to play on the go too.

Shopping Spree 

We all enjoy a good shopping spree and this slot takes you on the way to one in no time. You’ll be matching up sales, items and stacks of cash within this game for your chance to win. The RTP of this game is pretty impressive too!

Temple of Isis

This Egyptian themed game is filled with mythical items and adventure. There are customisable paylines and loads of options for players that want to take on this game. Try it out if you’re a fan of Egyptian themed fun. 

Our Insider Tips to Win

Now that you have some idea of how to find the best paying slot games, here are a couple more tips to help you along:

In Summary

We encourage you to have a really good look round the slots on our site, checking out the RTPs and other important specifics. That way, you’ll know exactly what to expect when you play and how much you could win. Of course, you can play any of our games and still expect a fair game with a chance of winning big, have fun roomies!