The Evolution of Bingo

The game of bingo has a really rich and storied history, stretching back for centuries. It has changed a lot in that time however, check out our guide to find out where it all began and where it’s likely to go next…

Bingo Timeline

Let’s start with the question of where did bingo originate, as this is a really interesting one. UK players may be super surprised to find out that this game didn’t come from the Isles at all, can you guess where it actually came from?

The answer is Italy, where a lotto game bore a striking resemblance to modern day bingo. This early version of the game was a cross between bingo and the lottery, which proved very popular. From there, it went all over the world!

The question of who invented bingo is a bit of a tricky one to answer. We know the origin of bingo came about in the 1500s but the exact person responsible is hard to pinpoint.

As we move further forward in bingo history, we start to see the games that we’re accustomed to these days. In the UK, 90 ball bingo was pioneered and very quickly became a much loved pastime with its players. Halls sprang up all over the country to house those who wanted nothing more than to get their bingo fix.

It wasn’t until hundreds of years later that the 75 ball game became popular in the USA. This was their take on the game, though now most sites have both versions for their players.

The Evolution of Bingo Games

The big turning point in the evolution of these games came when bingo went online. This allowed developers to really go crazy and invent all different types of games, from speed bingo to the hybrid games that so many players love. Over the past couple of decades, the game has changed and diversified in ways that wouldn’t be possible without the internet.

Slots and the gameplay that they use has also had an influence on bingo players. They have led to hybrids and the opportunity to play slots and bingo at once. Now, most bingo sites also have a slot gaming section for their players.

We’re also a lot more mobile these days, thanks to our smartphones. Mobile sites now cater to these players as they choose to get their jackpot fix on the move. This is going to continue in the future, with the number of smartphones and tablets always on the rise.

The Future of Bingo

It’s hard to guess exactly what will happen in the future, though we have a few predictions:


Bingo is one of the most interesting games in the world, so it makes sense that it also has an interesting history too. We’ve always enjoyed learning about it and can’t wait to see what’s next for the industry. Rest assured, we’ll bring you all the latest innovations.