Online Bingo Rules!

We know that you can get your bingo fix in a hall or online, but we very much prefer the latter. Online bingo is totally top notch in our book and we’re here to tell you why! You might just agree with us by the time we get through…

Convenient Bingo Fun

We live in an age in which we don’t need to bother going out anywhere to get our kicks. We love the fact that online bingo works around us, as it’s a 24/7 affair that can be loaded up in just a moment. This is perfect for people that maybe can’t get out to their local hall or just like to play at a moment’s notice. We know plenty of roomies that sneak in a cheeky game of bingo on breaks or while commuting. This is the kind of bingo fun that we love to see, as it really should be all about when you want to play. Plus, by squeezing in an extra game here or there, you’re more likely to win!

Social and Exciting

Some people think that bingo halls have the edge when it comes to keeping things social, as you’re actually there with other people but we’d have to disagree. When you play online you can use your chat box to talk with people from all over the world! Chat hosts help to stimulate the discussion and you’ll most likely find that other players have similar interests to you. Then you can chat about the soaps, celebrity gossip and more.

Freebies and Goodies

In the past, bingo halls have given out vouchers to their players but these simply aren’t as common as the freebies that you can get online. There are occasional free bingo games in halls, but you’ll be able to take part in these daily when you play online instead. It’s just so much more prolific and fun online.

There are all sorts of bonuses and promos to claim when you play online. From free spins to deposit bonuses, you can really make the most of all your cash. They can even help you try out different games that you wouldn’t find in a bingo hall, like casino games or slots.

Networks and Software

The online bingo games that you can play on these sites are often built with the very best of tech, which will give you a chance to experience the cutting edge of gaming. The software is built on the latest trends in gaming and won’t break the bank either, as many traditional games do.

Game Variety

We’ve touched on this slightly, but there’s so much more you can play online than in your local hall. There are variants, jackpots and all sorts of other games that you can play. These are things that you wouldn’t be able to play in a hall or perhaps wouldn’t even encounter. By checking out new games, you might just find a new favourite.

Great Customer Support

The online chat hosts you will encounter are trained specially to make things fun and to help you out when they’re not. Customer support is there to help and can be contacted with just a click when you need them. This is a great service to have at your disposal.

In Game Functions to make Bingo Easier

Functions like being able to auto dab your cards and pay with PayPal make this bingo experience a lot better. There are also functions like buying lots of tickets at once, which is a much speedier process than buying them at a kiosk at a hall and playing through them all at once. Many times, if you prebuy a ticket you can even win a jackpot without being in the room itself or even online. These are the top reasons that we love to play bingo online as opposed to in a hall. We’re sure that you have your own personal reasons for enjoying it too.