Pattern Bingo Games

We have one of the best ranges of online bingo games around here on Lucky Touch Bingo but we also like to provide our roomies with some top tips and tricks to help you get the most out of our site.

We always want our players to have the best possible chance of winning so for this post, we thought we would look at pattern bingo. These games offer players the chance to win big cash prizes by playing on a 5X5 card and completing a specific pattern or combination.

How Do You Play Pattern Bingo?

Pattern bingo is often interlinked with 75 ball bingo but sometimes there can be slight variations between the two games. However, in most cases, they are the same thing and we have plenty of these games to enjoy on Lucky Touch Bingo but how exactly do you play pattern bingo? Essentially, pattern bingo is played with cards that are numbered 5X5.

A caller will call numbers out randomly and if they appear on your card they are then marked as complete. The key to winning the game is to complete a pattern that is pre-determined before the game begins. The first player to complete the pattern will often walk away with the jackpot prize. As you can already see, pattern bingo offers one chance to win as one player will win as they are the first to complete the pattern.

In some cases, though, there can be more than one winner should numerous players complete their own respective patterns at the same time. In this case, the jackpot is usually split among all winners. This makes for some entertaining gameplay with some really interesting winning patterns often formed but what type of patterns might you be asked to complete?

Types of Patterns You Might See

There are a number of patterns that you might encounter so we’ve listed some of the most common ones for your benefit:

Standard/StaticThe variations of bingo patterns are pretty much endless and the standard pattern is one that cannot be moved, rotated or shifted on the card. This can sometimes be referred to as a static pattern.

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Crazy/MovingThe crazy pattern is a little more flexible than the standard pattern. This bingo pattern can rotate in 90 degree increments so basically, it can move in 90, 180 or 270 degree directions to make for a slightly more unpredictable game of pattern bingo. 

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WildFinally, we have the wild pattern which is technically static but can be found anywhere on the card. These can be pretty random patterns that come in many interesting shapes and sizes that can help you win big.

What Makes Pattern Bingo so Fun?

You could argue that 90 ball bingo is the most played bingo game in the world but pattern bingo games offer a different way to play the game. Pattern bingo is fun because of how random the gameplay can be. There is nothing more exciting than marking numbers on your card and trying to complete the pattern.

Additionally, pattern bingo games often involve bigger jackpot prizes as there is no sharing of jackpots like there is with the 90 ball game. In a lot of cases, there will only be one winner which generally makes for a chatroom that is full of excited players trying to scoop the grand jackpot

Where do I find Pattern Games on Lucky Touch and can I win a Progressive Jackpot with Pattern Bingo?

There are pattern games to enjoy every single day on Lucky Touch Bingo. There are two main ways to find these types of games. The first is to simply to examine the lobby for 75 ball or pattern games and you can play for big jackpots every day. Just use the schedule to find cards that you can afford but also games that offer a worthwhile jackpot prize.

The second method is to use the promotions list and there are a number of great games that involve bingo patterns. The All or Nothing jackpot game is popular and offers a £50 jackpot for completing a specific pattern. There are also free pattern bingo games offered occasionally on this site as well so keep your eyes peeled and you might just find the perfect game.