Progressive Bingo Games

Is there anything more exciting than playing on progressive bingo games? Bingo players love these games, as the jackpot just keeps growing and the ticket price stays the same. We’re here with another guide, this time to one of our favourite ways to play bingo.


What Progressive Bingo Jackpots Are Available On Lucky Touch Bingo?

If you want to play for progressive bingo jackpots with us, then just pop into one of the following rooms:


How Does It Work?

A percentage of each ticket sold goes into the prize pool for every progressive jackpot bingo games. The exact percentage depends on the game, though it’s usually a few pennies on every ticket. As more tickets are sold, the jackpot gets even higher.


How Much Does A Ticket Cost?

The ticket price will vary depending on the game, though ours are between 5p and 25p for each. The higher the ticket price, the faster the prize will increase as there’s a higher amount being added from every tickets. Tickets can only be purchased until the game begins, so as soon as the first number is called the jackpot becomes fixed in place.


How Much Can I Win?

There’s no set amount that you can win in a progressive game, as it continues to rise with each ticket. There may be an upper and lower limit on the game though, you can usually find details of this in a lobby. The game will usually be started with some seed money to make it enticing, then players also contribute to the jackpot.

After each game the jackpot will be reset back to the base amount before it all starts again.


Progressive Bingo Rules

There aren’t too many progressive bingo rules as it’s mostly like regular bingo with the exception of the jackpot. There may be an extra rule to be aware of though, as you can usually only play these games with real cash. This is because cash is being paid out, so it has to be paid in to qualify to win.

There may also be a limited amount of tickets for a progressive jackpot room. This means that they can sell out but you can prebuy if you want to make sure that you have a chance to win.

If there’s a draw between two players, they usually split the prize 50/50. Some sites have slightly different rules and may resort to a coin toss or something similar to determine who gets the full prize.

Finally, if you want to win one of these jackpots, you’ll generally need to be a funded player. They don’t exist in free bingo games, as there’s no contribution from players in this case.

Next, if you want to know how to win a bingo jackpot then here’s how you would do so on certain games:

With all of this knowledge on your side, you can play these progressive games in style with us. Head over to our lobby and have fun with some of our progressive rooms, you won’t be disappointed with the amount that you could win from them.


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