January's Bingo Rooms


We want to share our monthly top picks with you! To see all our Bingo Games – head to our Bingo Tab!

12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS  from the 25th of December to January 5th. We will have a mix of 75 ball patterns every day with Roll On, XTG, and Penny Bingo features on different days. Linked to the Country Roads (75 Ball) Network Room.

SNOWBALL BLAST: Play along in the Winter theme room this Winter between the 26th of December to 31st of January. Check out the Snowball Blast Room for an engaging & fast-paced 90-ball bingo game. Tickets vary between 20 – 20p.

WINTER WIN A GRAND: Play on Penny Games every day between the 16th and 29th of January for a chance to win part of £1,000. Linked to the 90 Ball Jackpot Room. With a breakdown of 1 Line £200, 2 Lines £300 GBP, and a Full House £500.


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