The Complete Guide to Bingo Calls 

When you play bingo online, you might come up against some bingo lingo that you don’t quite understand. Never fear, we’re here with the complete guide to everything you need to know about these. Stick with us to become a pro.


What are the Traditional Bingo Calls?

If you played bingo in a hall way back when, then you’ll probably have heard of the bingo calls in our infographic. These were created to clarify with players the numbers called, as old fashioned bingo halls were very noisy. You could understand how one number could sound like another in this case.

Because of this, a rich dictionary of terms became common to differentiate the numbers. These were put in place by bingo callers, so there wasn’t a standard dictionary of terms – even now these can vary. They would usually either rhyme with a number (like Garden Gate for number 8) or refer to the number in another way (like Downing Street for number 10).


The Complete Guide to Bingo Calls


These referred to the culture at the time and some are still relevant to this day, but a new era of “dirty” bingo calls has begun.


What Are The Alternative, "Dirty" Bingo Calls?

If we look at some of the calls in our infographic, they don’t mean too much to younger players. Take number 9 for example, Doctor’s Orders refers to a pill that was given out in WW2 which had a number 9 on it. Obviously not many under the age of 60 or so would know what this referred to.

That’s where the new bingo calls come in, as they speak more to younger players. They are more relevant as they use terms like Jimmy Choo, the famous shoe designer, for 32. These obviously mean a lot more to younger players but older players can work it out too. These haven’t been fully implemented everywhere though, as some traditional sites and callers want to stick to their roots.


Are There Any Differences Between Bingo Calls In Brick-And-Mortar Halls And Bingo Calls Online?

Bingo calls online are quite a strange idea, as there’s no real need for them. Players see the numbers and they’re automatically dabbed off, so it’s not like it would be easy to get mixed up. For many, these are part of the culture though and bingo games just wouldn’t be the same without them.

You’ll mostly see bingo calls online in the chat box, rather than scrolling across your screen. They may also incorporate the emojis that you can use in these chat boxes too. These could be smiley faces or even animals, like two little ducks.


Do Bingo Calls Change Between Different Bingo Variants?

Most of the calls stay the same in 90 and 75 ball bingo but a couple of them change. 75, for example may be used as the Big Daddy, meaning the biggest ball, in 75 ball bingo but this wouldn’t make sense in the 90 ball context.

The biggest variation comes in when you shift from playing with a UK site or a US based one. The different lingo comes in when you consider how different accents pronounce different numbers. American players tend to use different ones too because some lingo can be UK specific, like 65 (stop work) as this refers to the age of retirement in Britain.


Other Forms of Bingo Slang

There are other ways that players get their funny bingo lingo out online, with their own bingo slang for the chat rooms. These chat room abbreviations are used to do so much, like congratulate players, chat with others and convey what they’re up to. Here are some of the most common ones and their bingo slang meaning:

These are just some of the ones you could use, new ones are created all the time. There are some etiquette rules that you should also take into account:

Above all, just have a good time with the rest of the roomies and be friendly with others. Chatting with others is a great social experience and it can really enhance the time you spend online. We love a good gossip so make the most of it when you play bingo.



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