Bingo Tips and Strategy Guide

While bingo may conjure up images of old ladies playing in a hall, you may be surprised by bingo in the present day. The strategies that you can use online are totally different and we’re here to help you with a load of online bingo tips to help you make the most of this.

Tips for Winning Big

Let’s dive right in and help you out, follow these top tips and you’ll be on your way to a win before you know it…

Know why you’re Playing

This may seem obvious, you’re playing to win a jackpot right? Wrong. You should always bear in mind that bingo is intended to be fun. Don’t lose sight of this as it could lead to you overspending and just getting too wrapped up in winning. This can then lead you down the path of losing a lot of money or developing a bit of a problem with gambling, which you don’t want in your life.

Set your Limits

Similar to the last point, the best way to enjoy the best online bingo sites for winning is to do so responsibly. Part of this can be concerned with setting your limits, for example if you set a daily limit and stick to it then you’ll be more likely to stay on the positive side of things, rather than ending up spending money you need.

Find your Game

Practice makes perfect with most things and one of the easiest tips for winning online bingo is to find a game you enjoy and stick to it. Use special offers to try out new variants or stick to the classics, then you know what to expect when you play.

Don’t Play too many Cards at Once

While many guides that tell you how to win online bingo will place an emphasis on how many cards you play with, this can end up being detrimental. If you’ve got too many cards to watch over or are taking part in too many games, then you can become distracted and miss out on your winning opportunity.

Look for Jackpots

Though jackpot games can be busy, they do offer life changing amounts of money for those that win big. The biggest bingo jackpots can deliver a whole lot of cash, so treat yourself to a few tickets to be in with a chance to win one.

Timing is Everything

Weekends and evenings might be the most convenient time for you to play, but they’re generally convenient for everyone else too! If you opt to play at slower times, then you’ll have a better chance of being the player that scoops the jackpot.

Bingo Strategy

Mathematicians like Tippett and Granville have both looked into what maths makes bingo tick. Tippett asserted that bingo cards in a 75 ball game will be more likely to win if there are a lot of outlying numbers that are closer to 1 and 75. As the game progresses, the numbers called will start to reach a median of 38, which means the outside numbers are more likely to be called first.

If we take a look into Granville’s strategy, then we start to see more tips emerging. His assertion is that the more symmetrical a card is, in terms of odds/evens and high/low numbers. When you get your 90 ball card, take a look and see whether they fall into this category. If they do, then you’ll have a higher chance of winning.

How “BIG” Can You Win Playing Bingo Online?

There have been some amazing prizes given out by big win bingo sites, which have really changed players’ lives forever. Progressive jackpot games can be the key to winning millions of pounds, though lots of smaller wins can soon add up too. Historically, there have been huge returns on bingo tickets with players betting small amounts and scooping millions.

Biggest wins in History

Just so you’re ready to play and win big, we thought we’d tell you about some of the biggest wins in bingo history:

  • John Orchard, from Lincolnshire, won £5.9 million after placing a 30p bet on a bingo site in 2012. This beat the previous record holder and is still the largest online bingo win ever.  
  • One lucky player spent a mere fiver on bingo in 2013, she ended up snapping up a jackpot of £1.3 million. She placed the bet while her husband was watching telly, then struck one of the largest jackpots out there.

Online bingo advice

We know that the fun of bingo really comes from winning big so we’ve got all the online bingo advice that you need. This includes tips on wagering, winning and everything else you might wish to know about. All of the information is totally factual and will just serve to inform you more about the game.

If you’re interested then check out our pages for more in depth information:

Now that you’re equipped with oodles of bingo knowledge, it’s time to pop into the lobby and get playing for real. Just bear our hints and tips online, especially the ones about gambling responsibly, then you can focus on really winning the big bucks. Who knows, you might just join the list of big jackpot winners in the future.

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