Slot Symbols

When you play on slot games, you will notice that there are a lot of different symbols on the reels. In this in depth guide, we’ll be teaching you about slot machine symbols and how you can use them to your advantage!

Here are the most common types of symbols that you should be aware of…

Standard Reel Symbols

We’ll start off with the easy ones, the standard symbols. Usually on slot machines, these are represented by playing card symbols, fruit or symbols based upon the theme. With these symbols, you must match three of them up on a payline to win.

Open up the paytable and you will see what multipliers these will add to your game. The more symbols that make up the combination, the higher the multiplier will usually be.

Scatter Symbols

Scatter symbols are a bit different to the standard symbols, as they don’t need to be on a payline for you to win. They’re called scatter symbols because they can be scattered all over the reels and still pay out.

Generally, these will also reward you with free spins too. When you get three scatters, a lot of games will automatically begin the free spins bonus round.

Bonus Symbols

If you’re on the hunt for bonus features then you will usually have to look out for bonus symbols. These can come in many different designs, usually they relate to the game or the bonus itself. You’ll be able to see how to get into bonus rounds and what to do when you get there in the paytable.

Wild Symbols

A wild, or wildcard symbol, is one that can stand in for other symbols in a combination. Standard wilds just appear randomly and can usually take the place of any regular symbol, they don’t usually act on bonus symbols.

There are special types of wilds too, such as:

  • Wild Reels – Occasionally, you will find games that have a wild reel feature. What this means is that entire reels can turn wild, either at random or after a certain symbol appears. When this happens, you can match up more than one payline with wilds at once.
  • Multiplier Wilds – Wilds make it easier for you to win, but some also make your win worth more too. This gives you two perks from seeing these symbols!
  • Expanding Wilds – On certain games, when wild symbols appear they can expand. This means they go from a single symbol to taking up their whole reel in a flash. This gives you more opportunities to win and in some cases they also come with a free respin.
  • Sticky, Locked and Frozen Wilds – Wilds can also be held in place for a period of spins, the rest of the symbols will change but the wilds will remain. More wilds can also join the fun and become locked in place, giving you a higher chance of matching up combinations.
  • Spreading and Walking Wilds – These types of wilds are less common, they can only be found on a few select games. A wild will appear and as the reels are spun, move around the board. They can make combinations wherever they go.

We love wild symbols in all shapes and forms! They’re brilliant symbols for those that really want to boost the jackpot power of a slot. Some games have other wild features that are specific to that game alone, just check out the info on the game to find out more.

Top Slot Games with Great Symbols

If you want to experience some slot games with cool bonus symbols then take a spin on the following games:

Shaman’s Dream – This fun, themed slot game has a lot of great symbols within it, including more than a few bonus ones. We even love the regular symbols within this game, as they come in many forms that reflect the theme of the game, like feathers and spirit animals.

Fluffy Favourites – Who hasn’t heard of this super popular slot game? Unusually, the wild and the scatter are the same symbol in this game, a very rewarding pink elephant. There’s also a bonus symbol in this game too, watch out for all of these!

Piggy Payout – This is an incredibly high quality game, with each individual symbol perfectly crafted. There are themed playing card symbols, wilds and bonus symbols in this game, all set on a background of a mucky farm.

We love these games, each has a really comprehensive paytable too, so you can check what each of the symbols are and how to play with them effectively.


We hope that we’ve helped you out with this guide, come back again if you need to check specific terms or types of symbol. Head into our slot gaming lobby to test out all of our slots for yourself!

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