Slot Variants

We always try to provide our players with the highest-quality games and offers here at Lucky Touch Bingo and while we have a massive range of bingo games for our roomies to enjoy, we also offer some of the latest and greatest slot machines with progressive slots and video slots both available in our gaming lobby. To help players understand our range of slot games a little better, we are going to look at the various different types that you might encounter should you choose to play these games for the first time.

Why Play Slots on Lucky Touch Bingo?

The majority of bingo sites with slots will offer at least 50 games to try but we have well over 100 unique titles to choose from so even the most avid slot player will be able to find something that they enjoy in our lobby. Our focus is on quality so we always try to offer games that have some of the highest payouts in the industry with most of our titles offer a return to player of 95% or more.

The easiest way to get started is to simply head over to our lobby and have a scan around to see what titles you like the look of. However, different types of slots offer different setups and features so we are now going to look at the different categories of games that you might encounter when you spin the reels on Lucky Touch Bingo.

Types of Slot Games

Video Slots

Arguably, video slots are the most popular types of games in the modern day and most video slots will offer a setup of five reels and a varying number of paylines. The graphics on these games are impressive and video animations are what allows them to stand out from the crowd. There is usually also at least a couple of bonuses that can be unlocked when you play these games too.

Classic Slots

The clue is in the name and classic slots are games that perhaps most resemble classic fruit machine-style games and many classic slots have three reels and a small number of paylines. These are excellent for new players as they are generally the easiest of slot games to play and you can still win cash prizes spinning them as well.

3D Slots

We do offer a few 3D slots and these are simply games that offer advanced graphics with plenty of 3D models offered on these games to offer a truly breath-taking experience. You will generally find that a lot of fantasy or adventures slots come under the 3D category. If you want a memorable slot experience then 3D slots are the way forward.

Multiline Slots

A key component of modern slot games would be the number of paylines that are offered and these can either be fixed or adjustable. Multiline slots are games where you can adjust the paylines and this allows you to tailor the game to your personal liking. The more paylines that are active then the higher the individual bet will be so it really is a case of finding a balance when you play multiline slots.

Slots with Bonus Features

You could argue that all of the categories that we have mentioned above will offer bonus features. Slots with bonus features are desirable to players as they offer more entertainment as well as the chance to win some additional cash prizes. Wild combinations and free spins are common features that you will probably encounter when you play games with added bonuses.

Progressive Slots

We feel that progressive slots deserve their own section as there are different types of progressives to enjoy. These games are highly sought after and this is due to the fact that they offer some of the biggest potential jackpots in the online gambling industry.

You could consider these to be a network of games that offer a single prize pool. Every time a player plays a progressive game then the jackpot increases until someone finally wins it and often, the progressive jackpot can exceed hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Local Area – These progressive games will not offer the biggest prizes but you will still be able to play for hundreds of thousands of pounds and players will have a greater chance to win due to the networked area being smaller than wide area progressives.
Wide Area – These are similar to local era progressive games except the network is much bigger. This means that the potential prize pool will generally be higher. It is not uncommon to find wide area slots with over £1 million in prize money. However, these jackpots can often go unclaimed for months before a player finally wins.
Standalone Progressives – Your “bread and butter” of progressive games with a single prize to play for and this often takes the form of a special bonus round or mini game that must be unlocked before you can compete for the progressive prize. The most famous game in this category is arguably Mega Moolah.

Flat Top Slots

Finally, we have flat top slots and these games are also known as straight slot machines or static slots. These are games that generally do not offer anything too flashy. They are generally games that are a bit older and offer some classic casino imagery such as bells, 7s, cherries and the classic BAR symbol. These are still popular among a certain element of slot game players who prefer the classic setup and you will find a few of these games available to play on Lucky Touch Bingo.


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