Your Guide to Slot Bonuses

Most modern slot games these days have some form of bonus in there, which can be very rewarding for players. In this guide, we’ll be teaching you all about the bonuses that you can expect and how to get your paws on them.

What are Slot Bonus Features and how do I get them?

Bonus features within slots are basically added in to keep things exciting and to reward the user. They can come in a lot of different forms, with some giving you the chance to win more and others making the experience more fun.

The bonus features that are part of slots can be triggered in a few ways, including:

Slot Bonus Features

The following features are pretty common in a lot of slots, here’s how you get and make the most of them:

Free Spins

This is just about the most common feature to find in slots with bonus games. Generally triggered by three or more scatter symbols anywhere on the reels, these will usually give you more free spins when you trigger the round with more symbols. 

Pick and Click

Common in games with bonuses, this round will allow you to pick random items for bonuses. They’ll usually have a random multiplier for each click, though you won’t be able to tell which is which.

Pick and Match

This is a slightly trickier bonus round, which will actually challenge you to match up your symbols for larger multipliers. The trick is to try to remember which symbols are which, you can even jot them down quickly if you want some extra help.

Spin the Wheel

This kind of bonus is common on some slots, just line up the bonuses and spin the wheel. This can give you a bonus right out or grant you access into another bonus round. 

Progressive Jackpot Bonus Rounds

To get your hands on a progressive jackpot, you may have to trigger a bonus round. Especially in games with multiple jackpots, you will have to spin the wheel to find out which one you’re getting.

Gamble Bonus

This one is a type of bonus round that you elect to play in after you’ve won on a spin. These rounds usually give you the opportunity to win more by gambling the jackpot that you already have in random picks. Be careful you don’t lose it though!

Bonus Symbols to Look For

When playing on slots with bonuses, the following slot machine symbols are the ones that you will want to watch out for:

Standard Reel Symbols

These are the more boring symbols, the ones that just give you a multiplier, instead of any bonus features. They usually come in the form of brightly coloured fruits, playing cards and other symbols.

Scatter Symbols

These symbols pay out anywhere on the reels, not just on a payline. They’re also usually how you get into the free spins round on slot games with bonus features. Usually, they’ll take the theme of the game into consideration when designing these.

Wild Symbols

These are the wild card symbols, which generally allow you to get winning combinations more often. They serve as a substitution symbol which can help you by taking the place of others. There are a few different types:

Best Slots for Bonus Hunters

These are the best games for those that want to try out some bonus features for themselves:

Ts and Cs

There aren’t very many terms to bear in mind when you play on free slots with bonus rounds, just double check the script on wagering requirements or terms on the site. Remember that if a game malfunctions or you lose your internet connection, your jackpot may be void, so make sure you play with a strong internet connection. We hope you’ve gotten a lot out our guide, we’ll be back with even more of them soon!